Tuesday, 18 December 2012

OOTD Oh how graphic...

HELLO one n all :)

An outfit of the day today, as new clothing...brings you new posts :) 
For the first time yesterday I ventured out christmas shopping. Yes, I left it last minute. Yes, I soon regretted this decision. HOWEVER...through all the chaos...I did pick up something for myself...sssshhh..


I do have one minor complaint to H&M (where else would I have gone..) These trousers are TIGHT...and waaaay too small for the size on the label. I had purchased these about a month back in my usual size - well - the larger of the two sizes I usually am for trousers (you know how stores fluctuate!) and they were RIDONKULOUSLY tight. too small. I took them back. Plus at the time I was rather low on money and took it as a sign that maybe I was not supposed to be spending my money on clothes. 
SKIP forward to yesterday and there they were for £5 in the H&M sale. I took it as another sign that I clearly, afterall, was supposed to have these in my life. 

Now what disappointed me most, was myself. I knew naturally I had to get the next size up, but I almost contemplated not getting them, because of the teeny tiny label on the inside of the trousers. WHY NIA YOU IDIOT. Soooo silly. I had watched programs before about clothing stores beginning to make their clothes a size larger than what the label says, so, that when women try it on, they jump for joy they've got into that size smaller than usual with ease, and purchase it for the sake of the label. 
When watching this, I thought what a load of crap. Do we really care that much? Its absurd. No one sees the label so why on EARTH does it matter what size. 
However, yesterday afternoon, at approximately 2.25PM there was that mini me inside that was like "If you buy this size. That means you've gotten bigger Nia, and you've accepted it" 
I am ashamed for two main reasons. One. I am lucky, I am naturally the size I am happy with, and would want to be. So me thinking, even for a second that buying these trousers means I'm larger or whatever is just pisstosh. Secondly. Why should any of us care... everyone knows it's better to just buy the right size and for it to fit correctly, then to try and squeeze in the size smaller, letting ourselves overflow, and in turn, look larger than if we just bought the right size. 

I spoke to my friend about this all, and she added how one of the reasons she likes River Island is because in there she is a size smaller in jeans. LADIES this is ridonk. Lets not care about the little tiny number! As I wear these trousers in front of you today I make a stand, and declare I will no longer care that my wardrobe ranges from a size UK6 to a UK14. I am MYSIZE....in jazzy monochrome :)

Black Jumper - H&M £19.99
Graphic Trousers - H&M £5
Deena & Ozzy Boots - Urban Outfitters £20
Gold Chain - Me Nain's (grandma)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I'm wearing Sleek's Vamp Matte 786

Vamp red lips are sticking around and are hot stuff this winter. Add it with the matte lipstick trend and I'm all over it. 

As a woman on a budget...I've been searching for the best vamp lippy that little money can buy and here is the rundown :)

 ELF Mineral Lipstick - Royal Red - £5.00

 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick - New Black - £4.29
 Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick - 04 - £5.49

Sleek True Colour Lipstick  - 786 Vamp Matte - £4.99

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick - Vintage Rose - £2.99

As you can see they range from the very daring to the slightly vampy. I've only had the confidence to wear the really dark on nights out, but applaude those who rock it in the daytime. I think the trick to not looking over the top, is wearing quite a grungey casual look with it. Take a gander at Sunbeamsjess on Youtube to see someone rock this look perfectly. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Quick Outfit

Definitely been absent over the last few days - just been working lots to try and get the christmas monies together! 

I apologise :)

 Here is a quick outfit of the day none the less, just so that I don't feel like an utter failure at this blogging business. 

I'm afraid its not a very exciting outfit, but I feel sometimes simple is best. It's quite a preppy basic outfit, and then I just chucked on my H&M blazer as a coat to add to the feel of the look. 
SIDENOTE: I've loved this blazer for over a year now and loved it when Jenn from ClothesEncounters on YouTube bought it recently. Firstly because in my eyes that meant me and Jenn 'totes' have the same dress sense which makes me uber cool (PAH!), and secondly; It's been great to see how someone else styles something you own that you may not have thought of.
That's pretty much the joy of personal style blogs, that you can see the same item, yet in several different ways depending how people have interpreted the item and styled it.

Anyway hope you enjoy and have a gooden :)

Skater dress - Topshop (used as skirt) - can't remember the price but I think around £20 mark...
Cream Jumper - Primark £8
Socks - ASOS - £6
Flatforms - H&M (£20 Ebay)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Always steal your mother's old clothes...OOTD

Whenever my mother plans to get rid of a mass of clothes, I always make sure I'm first on hand to claim dibs. (With a sister its vital to get to the first look for the goodies) She never thinks I'd want any of it, but little does mother know the things she sees as out of date or too old, are just perfect for incoming trends - muahaha.

Here is a quick outfit of the day involving my ma's old skirt and belt, teamed OBVIOUSLY, with a H&M sweater and black biker boots to make it a bit more casual.
Make up today is pretty darn natural...I had work in the morning where I'm allowed to wear little makeup, and do little with my hair..so when I got home...I just placed a bit of Collection 2000's birthday suit lippy on, to freshen myself up a tad.

Hope you like and GOOD DAY TO YOU !

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Outfit of the day

Quick outfit of the day wearing my new Deena and Ozzy 'Nancy' Boots (actually £40 on online sale at Urban Outfitters however got mine at my local store for £20). Today there are paired up with a H&M overload - I've come to realise I shop there too much...

Acid Wash high wasted Jeans £14.99
Grey jumper £19.99
Woolly hat £6.99
All H&M....oops..

Please excuse the hair and face - its a lazy Sunday :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Appreciation post...

I have to admit, my taste in magazines is pretty trashy. YES I love to see the editorials in the magazines such as dazed&confused,vogue, ID, and Wonderland, but when I actually look back at the magazines I buy...
It's celebrity gossip magazines such as Heat.
I think it's because I just want something light to read, a bit of high street style and just generally some drama in my mundane life.
HOWEVER I have found my inbetween magazine. The mag that is still credible to read, but with light content, clothes I might actually be able to afford and celebrities who I admire. This magazine is Company.
Now I used to not go near company magazine..I just didn't feel I was the target audience. Come February this year however they had a makeover...and I loves it.
I love all the things previously mentioned but also love how much dedication goes towards bloggers in there, and career advice into all the fashion and music industry jobs we desire.
With the Internet taking down the magazine industry, Company have found a way to bring my attention back to magazines by linking the two worlds.
Im at a time where I've recently graduated and feel at a pivotal point in my life, and as silly as it sounds, when I have my little freak outs about what to do, reading company always calms and inspires me to get my butt moving!
And with that I'd like to say..
I appreciate you Company magazine!
Bravo :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

One day...

I dislike being poor. who doesn't? But it always effects me the most when I go on a google spree on Jeffrey Campbells. 
By the time I get a pair....JC's world domination will most likely have ended and yet I continue to kid myself by finding my new favourite pair of Campbells, finding the best deal on them, adding to my basket and then realising...who am I kidding? I CANNOT justify these. 

They are truely beautiful...however, for someone who can't do heels during the day - I applaude those you see traipsing around London in 5inch heels - and could most likely only wear Litas with trousers due to some cankle issues that, if I were to wear with a skirt, it would look like two tree trunks jammed into glorious footwear,  I sadly can't see the reasoning in spending that much on them. 

NONE THE LESS... I've made a deal with myself. WHEN I manage to get my dream job in London that actually PAYS me...my first paycheck is going on a pair. 

Currently I am lusting after the toe capped Litas...


The black quilted and gold spiked Lita's (Lita Crown I think they are called) are outrageous and amazing...and create a Chanel, Balmain, Versace, McQueen vibe and appear utterly luxurious...whilst the silver toe caps are slightly more understated and chic..
IF I were to actually get a pair (PAH) I would go for the silver toe capped Litas. Mainly because I'd fear I wouldn't actually get in to the establishments that I'd want to wear the Crowns in due to the spikes. Plus you could wear the silver toe caps more day to day...once you've mastered the art of walking in heels all day.

As for now...sadly...it will have to remain a dream, but for you lucky folk who can afford these....I am truely..."Well jel".